10 Fun Ways We’ve Learned and Played Lately

Daily Updates / Sunday, May 27th, 2018

I just  have time for a quick post while Alex is napping before we get back to his birthday business, but I thought I’d post something since it has been so long!

In between Jack’s birthday, Victoria’s birthday and Alex’s birthday, here’s a bit we’ve been learning and doing…

  1. Reading: Anna bought herself a hardcover copy of one of the HP books at a thrift store and has been reading it again.  Jack has been enjoying reading Dr. Seuss books and similar books, along with the Daring Book for Boys.  Victoria read “A Girl Called Sooner” and I’m not sure what she’s currently reading.  We all take turns reading to Alex.  I’m blanking on what his current favorites are!
  2. Gardening: Anna and Victoria are maintaining their gardens.  Anna has some transplanted plants like chocolate mint, while Victoria has transplants plus seeds.  Her lettuce is coming up nicely.  Jack planted his first transplant yesterday — chocolate mint.  Victoria has also been helping me a lot in the vegetable gardens, watering and weeding.
  3. Games: Victoria got Yahtzee for her birthday and we’ve been playing it (there’s lots of strategy and quick addition needed).  Jack and Anna played Bailout! (math, money, social studies).  The kids are presently playing a game they made up with assorted playing cards from all different games.  It involves addition, dice, wild cards and lots of rules.  :)
  4. Online: Jack played Math Arcade.  Victoria learned how to fix her computer if the screen went sideways.  Both girls blogged, chatted on New Moon Girls and elsewhere, and did email.
  5. History: Victoria was chatting with a friend and mentioned the Northfield Raid.  Her friend didn’t know about it so she googled it and sent her friend info and taught her about Jesse James, the Younger Brothers and the events that happened around here.  We also taught friends about ancient May Day rituals and beliefs at Victoria’s May Day birthday party.
  6. Nature studies: Alex dug for worms.  All of the kids ran around a local state park and a city park.  We watched nearly a hundred deer at the state park for quite a long time.  They were unafraid of the car and ate and wandered around right next to us.  We identified birds, including a new (to us) species.  We spotted egrets, eagles, pelicans and many other types of birds.  Anna and a friend went on a hike in the woods.
  7. Exercise: We’ve been going on lots of walks.  Anna has been riding her bike all over town.  Victoria has been running and racing anybody who will race her.  Jack got roller blades for his birthday and has been learning to use them.  The kids jumped on a trampoline at a friend’s house.  Jack has done lots of climbing.  Daryl taught the kids how to throw a boomerang.
  8. Art: The girls tried to draw The Creation of Adam with their eyes closed (with pretty hilarious results!).  Jack painted a bird house.  Victoria gave drawing lessons.  Jack painted with watercolors.  Anna drew pictures.  Victoria got a tripod for her birthday and is using a lot for new photographs and videos.  Both girls have been taking lots of pictures.
  9. Publishing: The issue of New Moon Girls magazine with Victoria’s photograph came out.  Victoria didn’t get her copy but Anna did and the other is in the mail.  Victoria also had a sort of a fractured fairy tale accepted in NMG for the next issue as well, and will receive three contributor’s copies of that one.
  10. Played: We had birthdays in parks, saw friends, bopped balloons, opened presents, ate cakes and otherwise celebrated and had fun.

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