Tips to Curb Carpal Tunnel


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), which causes pain and numbness in the wrist and fingers, is common in new motherhood. It can be caused by hormonal shifts and water retention during pregnancy, and the tasks of caring for a new baby can exacerbate it. Unfortunately Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often makes those tasks and other household chores […]

September 10, 2018

Should You Buy a Grass Trimmer?


I’ve been lost the past week or so, but I’m back. The past few days, while the weather cooperated, I was in the garden cutting back and raking. As a young gardener I always cleaned up in fall. I felt it was so important to make everything clean, neat, and orderly. No mess…what would the […]

July 19, 2018

Why I have Bought a Baby Crib For My Child


While I am not having a baby shower for this little Miss Pickle, I am humbly accepting (and reviewing) fantastic gifts on her behalf. So when the lovely folks of Carousel Designs contacted me to review their beautiful gray and yellow zig zag crib blanket, I was delighted. And grateful. Because you can never have […]

June 9, 2018

10 Fun Ways We’ve Learned and Played Lately

Daily Updates

I just  have time for a quick post while Alex is napping before we get back to his birthday business, but I thought I’d post something since it has been so long! In between Jack’s birthday, Victoria’s birthday and Alex’s birthday, here’s a bit we’ve been learning and doing… Reading: Anna bought herself a hardcover […]

May 27, 2018

“The Men Just Stare and The Women Cry!”


I have been meaning to write something for days, but I just haven’t been able to do so. I am so sick . I will just come right out and admit that I have a wild, wild crush on her, and her blog is brilliant enough to have inspired in me (more than once, actually) […]

May 27, 2018